Benefits Of Waiheke Island Ferry

Waiheke is a well-rounded day trip spot that you should consider visiting. Waiheke Island Ferry Deals ensure that you have the opportunity to sail from New Zealand to Waiheke Island. The different ferry companies have comprehensive timetables that are strictly followed so that people who want to Visit Waiheke Island know when they should be at the harbour. All companies whose ferries connect Waiheke Island and New Zealand are reputable and trusted.

1. Comprehensive Time Tables

Different companies have a schedule that the ferries stick to. Each ferry plying the different routes leading to Waiheke Island have a specified number of trips it partakes each day, enabling visitor going or leaving the Island a safe means of transportation. There are a total of 48 sails each day, and all the ferries always keep time. Two main ferry companies have ferries plying the different routes heading to Waiheke Island;

• Fullers Ferry
This particular ferry has two routes, and it delivers a total of 37 sails. There is the Auckland to Waiheke route and the ferry sails 32 times and a Devonport to Waiheke route where the ferry sails five times.

• Sealink NZ
Sealink NZ plies the Auckland to Waiheke route three times as well as the Half Moon Bay to Waiheke route eight times.

2. Access to Waiheke Island

The journey is a well-rounded day trip spot, and the Waiheke Island ferry deals allow visitors and locals to have access to this island. Waiheke is one of the Hauraki islands that surround Auckland city. Auckland is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand. The short ferry crossings give you access to the island’s micro-climatic environment. There are many places to visit on Waiheke Island;

• You can stroll through the national reserves and spend time enjoying the tranquillity and peace of the island

• There are impressive world war II remains that you would take pleasure in witnessing whether you are a historian or not. The network of tunnels, as well as the gun emplacements used to defend Auckland harbour during the there war, are still intact after all these years.

Some of the activities you can take part in while on Waiheke Island includes;

• Snorkelling
• Forest hiking
• Freshwater swimming


Ferries connecting New Zealand to Waiheke Island allows visitors to have a means of transportation when they come to visit the island. There are many places you can visit and many activities to take part in while on Waiheke Island. The ferries offer a sage means of transportation, and the strict schedule ensures there is no confusion at the harbour.

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