Beautiful Betty: 3 Ways To Rock The Retro Look Everyday

Retro chic may not be completely mainstream, but more and more designers and celebrities are working it in to their closet lineup. From strategically using pieces of retro, sexy costumes Australia can’t get enough of to classic finds that work for the office, whether you want to keep it elegant or go sultry, here are 4 ways that you can bring the retro vibe into your everyday life.

Try a high waist, sailor short. It’s both nauti-cal and nice.

A staple of the WWII pin up girl, sailor shorts show off your best assets while also cinching your waist and hiding trouble areas. No wonder they were such a big hit at the height of their popularity. Give this look a classic vibe by pairing it with a gingham tank and cardigan or pair it with a whimsical bustier in cherry red or a sailor print. The sexy costumes Australia retro fanatics love best are those that can transcend the bedroom and find their way into everyday looks.

Invest in a wiggle dress… AKA a little va va voom.

Fitted but sophisticated, a wiggle dress is the typical frock that you will see in any film noir flick that involves smoldering detectives and damsels in distress. While it is not impossible to get a wiggle dress affordably, the best ones do not come cheap. You can snag these iconic dresses on Ebay or other second hand sites for less. Pair them with an era-specific floppy hat to complete the look.
Get a great pair of t-strap heels.

If you love to cut a rug and spin around the kitchen floor, t-strap heels are a great addition to your wardrobe that also give off that vintage feel. Both effortless and timeless, this style of heel can add a hint of vintage to a modern look or be the icing on the cake of a head to toe retro ensemble.

Though a style statement now, the placement of the strap was, at first, a strategic move in the shoe’s hay-day. It kept a woman’s heels from sliding up and down while swing dancing. If you cannot decide which pair to start off with, go for a classic black that works with almost anything. Then, move on to wing tips, gold and other favorites.
Retro may not be for everyone, but if you feel like you were born just outside of the perfect era, bringing your love of vintage fashion into your everyday wardrobe can not only help you to look better… but feel better too. Be true to yourself and always let your true colors shine through – even if those colors are just black and white. When you do, you will timeless in any age.

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