Barn Wood Lumber For Sale

Old barn wood continues to be in high demand. Although there are plenty of freshly cut lumber, those who are aware of the origins of these old planks still prefer them over them new ones. Many eagerly await the replenishment of stocks because nothing else compares. These come from barns in the country which were built decades ago. Some have been around for over a century. Once the barns are no longer needed, perhaps due to a conversion of the land from agrarian to residential, the structures are dismantled but the materials are kept in good condition. The planks are sold to enthusiastic buyers who value them because of the following:


The wood from these barns come from old growths in forests that may no longer exist. Due to the construction boom, it is now difficult to find such high quality wood in large quantities. People keep the planks because they know that these can last a lifetime. They are not as quick to rot despite exposure to the elements unlike the fresh lumber of today. That’s because the trees from where they came are know to produce durable wood. Those are likely to be centuries old before they were cut down so they had plenty of time to mature before harvest.


Some people like barn wood lumber for sale because these have their own unique character. Decades of use has provided it an ageless beauty and depth. The color cannot be replicated by new lumber. If you utilize old wood to create furniture pieces, then you will come up with objects that look a lot more stylish than the mass produced units that we have today. Look closely at their surfaces and you will see a rich patina and character marks that tell an intriguing story. In fact, the piece can become talking points when you have guests over.


The versatility of old wood cannot be overstated. You can use them for a lot of DIY projects around the house. For example, you can create a feature wall covered with these planks. They will surely draw the eyes and give the room a striking look. Some people have also turned them into kitchen countertops and backsplashes. If you are tired of the look of tiles, then try these out to get a different feel. They are also used as beams, decking, siding, flooring, mantels, and furniture.

The only limit to their use is the imagination. Try out barn wood lumber for sale for your projects and see the difference.

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