Are You Using The Right Cleaning Methods For Your Marble Tiles In Sydney

Lots of consumers are opting to invest in marble tiles in Sydney. Marble has a very rich and regal look that can significantly add to both the aesthetic value and the overall value of homes. To keep your marble tiles looking their very best, however, you have to be sure to use the right cleaning strategies. Keep reading to learn more about proper marble care.

Choosing Quality Cleansers That Are Safe For Use

Although marble is a natural stone and natural stone tends to be quite durable, you still want to pamper your floors and counters with specially made products that are designed specifically for stone. You might be eager to disinfect these surfaces or scour tough stains away, but the wrong cleaning techniques and solutions can actually lead to etching, discoloration, scratches and more. The best way to choose a proper cleaning agent for these surfaces is by consulting with the original installer, the flooring or counter manufacturer or the professionals at a local marble store. Moreover, it is always a good idea to avoid homemade cleaning solutions and online cleaning hacks.

Homeowners should never drag brooms across marble surfaces. While brooms themselves are unlikely to cause marble damage, they can be responsible for dragging rough, abrasive materials across these surfaces that lead to gouges and scratches. It is far better to suction hard particulates up by using a hand-held vacuum. If you have a rolling vacuum, make sure that there are no hard, scratchy attachments that might damage the floor.

After all abrasives and other particulates have been suctioned away, you can use a damp mop to wipe down any sticky areas or areas that are still coated in dust. This is a good time to use any cleaning solution that your installer or other trusted party has recommended. When doing so, however, be sure to follow the instructions of the product manufacturer to the letter.

Be mindful of the fact that acids can be very detrimental to natural stone. At best, they can cause mild discoloration. At worst, they will etch deep grooves into these surfaces that are all-too-easy to notice. You can keep citrus fruits off your marble counters by making sure to use a proper sized cutting board at all time. You can also check cleaning agents for acids or acidic ingredients before applying them. When etching does occur, keep in mind that it may not be possible to have this problem repaired. In most instances, it will be necessary to have a trusted installer remove the affected stone and replace it entirely.

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