An Overview Of Koch Chemie Shampoo

Koch Chemie is a German company that manufactures high quality cleaning products for cars including a range of different types of Koch Chemie shampoo. These shampoos can be used for both consumer and carwash applications. They can be used to wash cars, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles. They provide a highly effective cleaning action on all types of paintwork, leave a long-lasting shine and include a dirt and water repellent layer.

Following are some examples of types of Koch Chemie shampoo:

Nano Magic Shampoo – this is the company’s flagship, high-tech car washing product which provides thorough cleaning and long-term protection with a single application. It preserves any wax or sealing products that were previously applied to the surface being washed and leaves behind a durable water-repellent finish with its nano-layer technology. This layer forms a thin hydrophobic (water-repellent) film over the vehicle which acts to disperse water and speeds the drying process so that water spots do not develop on the surface after washing is complete. It offers the following features and benefits:

• Effortlessly cleans dirt and grime from the surface
• Bonds with existing sealants to prolong shine
• Protects untreated surfaces
• Adds shine to other wax or sealant layers already present on the surface
• Is a concentrated formulation that requires only 50ml of product for a 10 litres of washing water
• Can be used with a washing gun

Twin Shampoo – this is a highly concentrated, phosphate-free combination product (it is a foam and shampoo) that can be used in both self-service car washes as well as for consumer applications. It contains a high proportion of surfactants that guarantees a good amount of foam and has intensive and paint-protecting features as well as supporting self-cleaning. Specific amphoteric surfactants also ensure the surface cleaned dries optimally.

Acid Shampoo A – this is a concentrated acid shampoo that is used mainly for carwash applications that use conventional water-process treatments. Its combination of mild acids and foaming surfactants provides a thorough, though gentle, cleaning of vehicles. It bonds to water-hardening elements and prevents limescale forming. Since it contains phosphate it is limited in its suitability for processes that require minimal biological impact.

Koch Chemie are leaders in producing products that support environmental protection and occupational safety and make their products from sustainable raw materials and all the surfactants and cleaning agents used in their products bio-degradable.

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