Amora Gem: How Humans Make Better Diamonds These Days

Through the Amora gem, man has found a way to outsmart nature by manufacturing the perfect diamond. By harnessing robotics and other state of the art equipment, diamonds are now just a fraction of their previous price. People still call it the Amora gem, but it is today’s equivalent of a diamond that the Earth did not make.

To illustrate, different versions of the same gem fetches anywhere between $600 and $1,000. However, you get the same brilliance, hardness, and quality without having to shell a few more thousand dollars for the so-called real deal. No wonder many people are increasingly turning to the Amora gem to show off at social functions, particularly weddings and prestigious award ceremonies.

Some diamonds have earned a bad rap for ripping up a country’s economy or even causing revolutions. So when a man planned on proposing to his ideal woman, it had become increasingly harder to find the precious stone that wasn’t tainted with a scandal. Not anymore. By substituting the Amora way, there now exists the viable option of getting married and going to bed with a clear conscience.

To make a diamond, the planet exerts a tremendous pressure on the ground. A single one of these precious stones could have easily taken millions of years to manufacture in the old fashioned way. And not only that.

Cutting the gem with precision and polishing it for effects are labor intensive steps that only add to the costliness of the final product. By using advanced automation to produce a treasure, prices can be kept on the down-low for an indefinite period of time. In addition, less harm is exacted on the environment because there is no need for any kind of deep or massive excavation.

True, the mining industry may be on the losing edge due to diminishing demand for Earth-made precious stone. However, the Amora gem offers a genuine alternative to people who not only want to save their precious cash. Consumers also have the choice to help preserve the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation because the consumer, the mining industry and the artificial gemstone maker all have a say as to how much their produce should be priced. Before Amora, end consumers were left out of the equation. They had to accept the price based on existing demand and supply conditions prevailing at the time of their purchase.

Now all sectors have a say in the price range. Thanks to science and human ingenuity, the scales are perfectly balanced for all sectors concerned. More importantly, there is equality among the different social classes as well. This is because rich or poor, the people now have access to the same level of brilliance and quality. After all, it is impossible for the naked eye to distinguish if one precious stone is one or the other.

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