Alternative Business Option: Foam Board Printing

Sometimes a business needs a logo, needs it fast, and needs it to be big and three dimensional like a traditional sign. The usual requirement might arise that it has to be disposable. As unbelievable as that sounds, a fairly inexpensive technology can come to the rescue. It is called foam board printing and it can deliver impressive results for your ad hoc business display.

If a person is going to set up a booth or a stand at a fair, then they still might want to represent their company brand in a recognizable way. An old standby is the commercial flier. It can be hung and is visible to everyone who passes by. This still might not be a good enough solution, and something more like a lofted sign is needed. Words stand out when they are three dimensional, and some logos are meant to have depth to them.

This variety of signage is usually constructed from plastic and metal and is meant to hang around for years and decades. These signs are expensive to make and are favored by businesses because they create the impression of an enduring franchise. A small business owner or the renter of a franchise can still get the job done by using a precisely crafted foam sign. The options are quite diverse.

There are more foam board printing than the packaging Styrofoam that is used to hold products. While this is designed to protect a consumer good, it gives the idea that foam can be both structurally sound and of any dimension. Foams can be even more durable, and the public cannot tell the difference once the foam core is covered with paint or enamel and put on display. If it is well crafted, this inexpensive solution could last for years.

Hard foam is not expensive and the ingredients are made in bulk. Something similar is used as insulation in roofs and to add structural integrity to a hallow structure without rebuilding it. Aside from giving dimensions to commercial herald signs, foam can add stiffness to an otherwise flat sign. A floating sign has two sides and either one strip of plastic or something in between.

If two signs are sandwiched in between hard foam, the resulting sign is stiff and does not sway as easily in the wind. It catches attention quite better because it is not a cheap side that is printed on both sides of a plastic sheet. It looks professional and surely suggests a more solid business.

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