Advantages Of Using Electronic Ignition For Classic Cars

Classic cars are beautiful to behold but owners want more than just museum pieces on display. They want vehicles that they can actually drive around without breaking down in the middle of the road. They want to feel like they were going back in time with the coolest wheels on the block without dealing with the effects of aging on the machine. Many have their classics upgraded to make these better in different ways from safety to functionality. One of the most common upgrades is the installation of electronic ignition for classic cars. This affords the following advantages:

Longer Lifespan

The older mechanical ignition systems get the job done as well but they tend to wear out much faster than their electronic counterparts. This is a big problem particularly with classic cars since these have been around for a long time. They cannot escape wear and tear. If you try to start the engine, then you might no longer get any response. Adding a mechanical system will make the car run again but this will fail soon enough. Go for electronic ignition from the moment of acquisition to enjoy a longer lifespan for this particular component. The secret is in the absence of moving parts.

Improved Reliability

With old cars, one of the most prevalent issues is the difficultly of ignition. You might need to try multiple times just to start the car. This can be a big bummer when you are in a hurry because you are late for work or an appointment. It is especially irritating when the car stops in the middle of the road and you are trying to get it started so that other drivers will not blame you for a traffic jam. It is not something that you want to happen when you are trying to show off your classics to your guests. With electronic ignition for classic cars, you will usually get it going the first try.

Increased Fuel Economy

The reliability stems from better timing when it comes to the activation of the spark plug. This has cascading benefits to the rest of the car. For example, the engine operation will be more efficient as the fuel and air is burned at precisely the correct time. There will be a cleaner burn which is great for the environment. Less pollutants will be released from the exhaust pipe. The engine power will be optimized as well. There will be less fuel consumption and lower spending.

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