6 Ways To Stylishly Organize Your Nu By NEO Shoes In Your Small Space

You may not be having the classiest walk-in closet at home because of a small space, but this does not mean that you can’t organize your Nu by NEO shoes and other footwear stylishly. The shoes come in pretty designs and all you have to do to maintain their standards is to keep them well. To do this, you have to think creatively, and here are 6 stylish ways that you can do it:

1. Make Shelves in the Room

Instead of putting the shoes behind a closed door, you should hang them on shelves. You’ll need to space them evenly on the shelves so as to give your space an organized look. You may find it necessary to paint the shelves with the color that blends with the theme of your house. This is meant to enhance the décor of your small space.

2. Hang them on a Grid

A stylish grid costs about $20 online. You can either buy it or make your own. It’s great for displaying lightweight Nu shoes. To create space in the room, you’ll need to put the grid next to the wall. You should also space the shoes when you hang them on the grid for a stylish display.

3. Use Storage Boxes

If you have a set of NU shoes that you don’t wear frequently, you should keep them in storage boxes. All you have to do is tape a photo of the stored shoes on the front part of the box. This is for easy identification and for decoration.

4. Try the Boot Hangers

You can run to your nearest container store and ask for boot hangers. They are ideal for big-sized Nu by NEO shoes. You’ll need to buy as many boot hangers as possible depending on the number of shoes that you want to hang.

5. Add a Wooden Ladder

This is a cheap way to stylishly display your Nu shoes at home. You can make your own ladder and paint it or buy a ready-made one.

6. Install moldings

Grab some trim from your local improvement store and mount it on your empty wall to create rows that you can hang your shoes. For minimalist display, you can either paint the molds with the same color as your walls or in contrasting colors to make your display stand out.

When it comes to organizing your Nu shoes in a small space, creativity is vital. The above ideas will get you started. They’ll not only help you make use of your small space but will also add a touch of style in your space.

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