6 Must-Dos Before Hiring A Catering Truck To Serve Your Guests

From private parties to corporate events, catering trucks are a popular choice in the US catering industry. A majority of them are run by well-established restaurants. So, they provide a full-package catering service comprising tasty meals, beverages, and hospitality team. When you decide to hire Taco trucks to come to your venue, you’ve to prepare for the logistic challenges that come with the service. Here are five fundamentals:

1. Understand Your Contract

Apparently, there is no standard contract for all catering trucks, so it’s vital to read whatever your mobile food service provider presents. If you don’t, you may find yourself in a fix that may affect the success of your event. If there are questions, you should ask before agreeing to the deal.

2. Insurance and Permits

As the organizer, there are mishaps that affect events, so it’s important to take up a temporary insurance cover in case they happen. In addition, you’ll need a permit if the event is on a public property. Nonetheless, if it’s a private party, you’ll not need the permit.

3. Select the Parking

Once you’ve identified the necessary licenses, the next thing is to choose a spot where the Taco trucks will be stationed. Basically, the parking should be strategic to allow everyone at the venue to access the meals and beverages. Preferably, the trucks should be parked next to the tent so that the guests can find shelter in case the weather becomes harsh.

4. Choose Your Menu

There are two ways to go about it. First, you can opt for a specialty that the catering truck company offers. Secondly, you can suggest tasty meals that your guests relish, and allow the company to give you a round figure.

5. Determine Your Budget

Once you have a menu in mind and costs of the license, you can establish a budget. The other things to include are the fuel costs and extra labor charges. If the company charges any additional fees, you can identify them on the contract.

6. Know who will handle the trash and cleanup

While some food trucks firms in the U.S will come with their trash cans, others don’t. So ask beforehand if they will be bringing their trash cans and whether or not they will be responsible for the cleanup after the event.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve attended to the above five fundamentals, you can go ahead and invite the catering truck company. You can give them a date for your event. Of course, you’ll be required to pay a deposit fee to facilitate meal preparation.

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