5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cheap Transcription Services

The number of online transcription services is soaring each day due to the rising demand for transcription services. Nevertheless, this development has made it difficult for people to choose the best transcription offers. Instead, they select the cheapest services and then entrust such services with their transcription needs. However, they are several things that most people probably don’t know about cheap transcription offers.

Poor quality

Most cheap services don’t have well trained and experienced transcribers who can handle a wide array of transcription projects. These services recruit their transcribers remotely, and as you can guess most of them aren’t native speakers. They can’t comprehend the slang and accent contained in the audio files they are supposed to transcribe. As a result, the overall quality of work delivered by cheap transcription service is poor.

Not accurate

Cheap services use automated software for transcribing clients’ work because they can’t afford to hire a team of dedicated transcribers to handle their transcription needs. The major shortcoming of this software is that even if it has a fast turnaround time, it isn’t accurate. This makes the overall transcription that is done by automated inaccurate. As such, cheap services can’t be relied on when accuracy is needed in most of the projects at hand.


Cheap transcription offers are way underpriced in comparison to the standard transcription price on the market. This a tactic that such services deploy solely to win over clients, but that doesn’t imply they can deliver quality work at such low prices. The cheaper a transcription service is, the poorer the quality of work that service delivers.

Extremely fast turnaround times

Cheap services are focused on turnaround time more than anything else. Theirs is to ensure they have a fast turnaround time so that clients can choose them over other services. They don’t take time to review the quality of transcription they are offering to their clients.

Clients who use cheap services hardly come back for more

Clients who resort to cheap services end up getting frustrated with the quality they get from such services. Even with the low prices, clients hardly come back for more after using these services once.

Cheap transcription services can be disastrous to your transcription needs. Avoid such services by all means possible, and instead, choose a service that can deliver quality other than quantity even if it means paying a couple more bucks.

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