5 Things To Keep In Mind When Sourcing Nepal Honey

Hunting honey in Nepal is not only one of the oldest traditions in Nepal but also an extremely dangerous one. Honey collectors have to make adventurous journeys to the beehives which hang from the rocks of the high mountains. Apart from tolerating bee stings, honey hunters also have it the hardest usually climbing steep and treacherous cliffs that are hundreds of feet high without any protective clothing. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when sourcing for Nepal honey.

You Need To Know About Bio-Security Requirements

To successfully source for important bee products and honey from Nepal, you need to have a permit that allows you to import, get relevant legislation, comply with all the requirements and arrange all the sanitary certificates and manufacturers’ declarations.

You Must Have a Permit

As a trader, you need to show your import permit before sourcing Nepal honey. You also need to show a taxpayer certificate. However, if the end-user such as a company, project office or an institution is importing honey directly, it will have to produce a copy of registration, its corporate registration certificate, and taxpayer’s certificate for it to get both foreign currency approvals from the government and customs clearance from the consignment.

There Are Specific Seasons When You Can Get Nepal Honey

Honey hunting in Nepal has been practiced for several years hence it’s an important part of Nepalese culture as well. Although most villages depend on it for their livelihood, there are only specific months when it’s practiced. There are also specific locations where honey hunting takes place. These locations are located in the countryside areas and Himalayan range.

To Source Honey From Nepal, You Must Use Freight Forwarding Agent

For you to source Nepal honey, it’s advisable to use freight forwarding agents. Once you get in touch with them, they will inform you about the kind of documents that you need for this business.

Nepal Also Produces a Mad Honey

Although mad honey has got various benefits to human health and has been used for several decades, this type of honey is quite different. Since it’s poisonous, it can cause serious hallucinations even when eaten in small amounts. This means that if you eat more mad honey than is recommended, you could seriously overdose and even die. In fact, its effects were used as the first chemical weapon.

There you have it; 5 things that you must keep in mind while sourcing for Nepal honey. It’s important to know about the process so that you don’t get stuck midway. You also need to know about the different types of the Nepal honey.

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