5 Simple Hacks For Fixing Key Scratches On Your Car

There’s nothing as annoying to a car owner as scratches on the car’s body. Often, they make a new car look old. Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally scratch your car with keys? The next time it happens, you shouldn’t rush the car to a mechanic. Key scratch repair is something that you can do on your own and you don’t even have to be handy. Here are 5 simple hacks to use:

Use Toothpaste

For so many years, toothpaste has been used to remove scratches on electronics like DVDs, phone screens, and personal computers. In the same way, it can be used to clear key scratches on your car’s body. Toothpaste has powerful abrasive properties necessary for smoothening key scratches.

You should note that toothpaste will not really smoothen deep scratches on your car but will fill the space allowing it to become flush with your car’s body surface, ultimately making the scratch less noticeable. This should get you going till you get your car a professional scratch removal job.

Sand, Paint, and Polish

Before anything, you should wash and dry the scratched area. Then, sand it to help the paint stick when you spray it. When picking the spray paint, you have to ensure that it matches the color of your car’s body. You may have to cover the surrounding areas with masking tape to protect them from the spray. Lastly, you need to polish the surface to get rid of cloudiness.

Coat with Nail Polish

This is a simple and quick alternative to painting. You just have to find a nail polish that matches your car’s color. You need to apply it carefully to ensure that the scratch is fully covered without making it obvious.

Turn it into Art

If you are good with art, then you should consider turning the key scratches into a masterpiece. This is a good idea if the scratch is extensive and visible from far. You can trim the scratch into an art that you want or cover it with art stickers.

Cover with Duct Tape

Lastly, you can look for matching duct tape and use it to cover the scratch. It’s a quick way to fix it. However, it’s only ideal for small key scratches.

A key scratch on your car may be serious but it only takes a few hacks to fix it. You can be your own key scratch repair expert using the above tricks. They’ll save you a considerable amount of time — and cash that you would otherwise have paid a mechanic.

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