5 Simple CrossFit Routines You Should Do At The Local Gym

We all go to the gym in Houston for different reasons. Some of us do it to gain muscles and become stronger. Others do it to become agile and fast. Regardless of the reason, CrossFit exercises are quite recommendable. They can help you gain body strength, speed, and agility. While a majority of CrossFit exercises are seem to be complex, some are really simple. Actually, many CrossFit gyms in Houston have the tools and equipment that you can use to execute the routines. Here are the top options that you should try this year:

Running Sandwich

If you really enjoy running, it should be easy for you to adopt this workout routine. You are required to start and end the routine with a quarter-mile non-stop run. You can do it on your way to the gym and out of it or on the treadmill. In between the runs, you should do 40 aerial squats and 30 quick sit-ups. They are followed by 10 burpees and 10 quick pull-ups.

CrossFit Total

Crossfit Total is specifically for body strength. The routine helps you to determine the amount of weight that your body can actually take. You may need to start with a warm-up. It should then be followed by:

• 3 reps heavyweight back squats

• 1 rep heavyweight shoulder press

• 1-3 reps heavyweight deadlifts

10 for 10

There’s just something special about the magic number 10 when it comes to working out. It’s easy to complete a given routine when you have to count to 10. 10 for 10 is a simple CrossFit routine that features box jumps, quick kettlebell swings, and simple ring dips. You are expected to do all the routines in 10 minutes, 10 repetitions each.


If there’s a CrossFit workout routine that you can call complete, it has to be Cindy. It’s quite effective for boosting body strength, flexibility, and endurance. You are required to spare 20 minutes for doing aerial squats, pushups, and pull-ups at 15, 10, and 5 repetitions respectively.

Barbell Complex

This is a great way to move heavy weight while improving your skill work. Essentially, it entails low-rep and heavy weights that are meant to be done uninterrupted. For instance, you can do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes or do 5 sets, increasing the load each time.

The secret to enjoying sessions at CrossFit gyms in Houston is finding the best routines. As seen, you don’t have to do something complicated to enjoy the benefits of CrossFit. You just have to identify a workout routine that’s simple and one you can do diligently.

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