5 Perks Of Having Your Own PCB Footprint Library

While building and maintain a PCB footprint library can be challenging, having your library can be quite beneficial for you. As much as the process of setting up a library may be time-consuming and also riddled with numerous challenges, it is worth every penny and effort considering the perks you gain as a result of having your library. So, why should you invest a few bucks in setting up a PCB library? Well, here are 5 perks of having your PCB footprint library.

Reliable manufacturing

Having your library guarantees you reliable manufacturing since you can embark on the manufacturing process at any time. Relying on external libraries can cause delays in manufacturing processes and project timescales since you can’t access these libraries whenever you want to. If you are depending on external libraries, your manufacturing needs will be dictated by people or institutions running these libraries.


Having your PCB footprint library comes with plenty of flexibility. You can change the things you don’t like about your library whenever you want. Again, you are at liberty to update your library to meet the specific standards you want. Additionally, you can set your library to the specific requirements and preferences depending on what you perceive good for you.


Having your PCB footprint ensures that you can manufacture consistently since you enjoy the convenience of using the library as you please. Maintaining consistency over-time can make you highly productive, and you will be able to take the shortest time on projects that would otherwise have taken months to complete if you were relying on external libraries.

Helps you avoid additional costs

If you are relying on other libraries for creating and maintaining your schematic symbols, you might experience a lot of delays to your projects which can make you incur additional costs. But with your library, there are no unexpected delays, meaning you won’t incur additional costs that you would have otherwise incurred if you were using other libraries.

An additional source of income

With a well-established library, you will have an opportunity to help companies and other people solve their PCB footprint problems. In return, you can charge a fee for the help you offer, meaning that your library can help generate additional income in the long-run.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above-highlighted tips, the importance of having a PCB footprint library cannot be underestimated. With your library, you can reap multiple perks thus helping you understand why having your own library can be so important.

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