5 Myths About Flex Solar Cells Debunked

Nowadays an increasing number of homeowners have begun to realize the advantages of using solar energy to power their homes and other activities. Some of these advantages include the reduction in electricity bills, an increase in property value, clean source of energy, and a lower carbon footprint among others. However, there are still several amounts of skepticism regarding the use of flex solar cells. To keep you up to date with facts, here are the top 5 myths about flex solar cells.

Flex solar cells won’t work in a cold environment

In the actual sense, most flex cells are designed in such a way that they depend on the electricity credits drawn during summer. Although not as much solar power is produced in winter as is during the summer, the panels only need UV lights. This means they can still absorb ambient sunlight during the cloud days.

You need a lot of space to install them

As a matter of fact, these solar cells are getting small, more efficient and more powerful by the day. High-efficiency panels can, therefore, occupy less space because few panels are needed to produce power. Even if you have a small house, you still have enough roof space to fit a number of panels and solar cells needed to produce energy.

Installing flex solar cells is expensive

While we are not saying that installing solar is cheap, it’s a process that’s quite affordable. More so, depending on where you live, there could be several sources of funds that you can use to install solar cells. Also, after installing them you can save you a lot of cash.

Using flex solar cells means you have to change your entire energy system

This is a myth since the only thing that changes is how much you end up paying in the long run. Solar systems can work seamlessly with your electrical grid power such that you can always draw your grid power when needed.

Flex cells must be installed facing south

Although you can install your solar cells facing south, that’s not the only option that you have. You can always spot solar installation panels on the ground, on the side of the building or even as a canopy. Though the south-facing ones are in the best position, there is more than one way to soak up the sun.

Final words

There you have it; 5 myths about flex solar cells that you need to know. Adding these solar cells comes with a number of benefits that you can always enjoy.

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