5 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing IPhone Screen Replacements

Broken screens are among the most common iPhone damage problems that prompt people to seek iPhone repair services. As much as tons of technicians can do iPhone screen replacements, not every technician out there can do a proper job as far as iPhone screen replacement is concerned. As a technician with a specialty in repairing faulty iPhones, there are common iPhone replacements mistakes you should avoid.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when doing iPhone screen replacements.

Using low-quality screens

Replacing a broken iPhone screen with a low-quality screen doesn’t make sense. Most technicians opt for low-quality screens while doing iPhone screen replacements for their clients just to save on money. But such screens are unresponsive and can easily get ruined within no time.

Ruining the front camera cables

While removing the faulty iPhone screen, you should take caution lest you damage the front camera cables rendering the iPhone’s camera useless. Remove the damaged screen gently to reduce the risk of the device getting damaged as a result of the loosening of the adhesives that hold the camera cables and the ear speaker into place.

Leaving parts out

Shields, foam pads, screws and cable connectors are all essential in an iPhone. No matter how insignificant or small you may assume a certain part is, you shouldn’t forget to place it back to its previous position once you replace the faulty windscreen with a new one. Put the device back together, and ensure all the components are intact as it was when it came from the manufacturer.

Not doing pre-checks

This is a frequent mistake that most technicians make when doing iPhone screen replacement, and which eventually expose their repair store for warranty issues. Before concluding your screen replacement, perform pre-checks to ensure the replaced screen is functioning properly. Check for things such as functionality to save yourself from having to disassemble the device in case there are persistent issues with the screen.

Mixing up screws

Screws are quite small hence making it easy to get them mixed up. Again, some screws are smaller than others. While holding the new screen in place, avoid mixing up screws. Ensure every screw goes to its rightful hole.

As a technician, you will be faced with iPhone screen replacement needs from different customers. So, strive to avoid any iPhone screen replacements mistakes that are likely to cost you clients over time.

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