5 Essential Features Of Good Floating Large Frame Fishing Sunglasses

Floating fishing sunglasses are an integral part of fishing gear. Like with other fishing sunglasses, these sunglasses come in different styles and sizes and thus selecting the best pair for your fishing needs can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, there are essential features that you shouldn’t forget to check when shopping for a pair of floating large frame sunglasses for fishing.


The first essential feature to check for in the pair of sunglasses you intend to purchase is polarization. It helps eliminate the glare present on water thus enabling you to clearly see the fish below the water surface.

Lens color

Different lens colors suit different fishing needs. For instance, copper lenses are ideal for fishing in poor light fishing conditions. The green mirror is suitable for saltwater and inshore fishing and the silver mirror is perfect for freshwater sight fishing. Whichever lens color you choose, ensure it suits your fishing needs.

UV protection

The degree of UV protection is a crucial feature worth your consideration while shopping for a pair of floating fishing sunglasses. The right pair should offer 100% UV protection. This is vital for safeguarding your eye’s health. Since most sunglasses claim to offer 100% UV protection, ensure that the packaging of the sunglasses you want to purchase is clearly labeled 100% UV protection.


Ensure the frame of the sunglasses you are planning to purchase is comfortable and lightweight. The frame ought to fit snugly on your face to ensure the sunglasses don’t slide off the nose while you are making movements. Apart from being comfortable and lightweight, the frame should also be of high quality to enhance the overall durability of the pair of sunglasses you want to buy.

Type of lens

Basically, there are two types of lenses to decide on when purchasing a suitable pair of sunglasses for your fishing needs: plastic (polycarbonate) and glass lenses. The latter are rated high since they offer high optical quality and better polarization. Plastic lenses are lighter and hence more comfortable. Better still, they are more comfortable than their glass counterparts. Regardless of the type of lens you opt for, make sure it is designed to match your fishing needs.

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, buying the best pair of floating fishing large frame sunglasses is an easy task provided you know the features to look for in a suitable pair of sunglasses. Visit a sunglass retailer near you today and select a pair that has all the essential features of good fishing sunglasses.

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