5 Easy Ways To Find Qualified Bartender In Raleigh NC

If you have a fast-growing bar in Raleigh NC, you will need to hire a qualified bartender to serve your customers diligently and to provide great customer service. Considering that the education level needed for one to work as a bartender is generally low, that means lots of people are eligible to work as bartenders. As such, finding qualified bartenders can ultimately prove to be a daunting task. Here are 5 easy ways to find a qualified bartender Raleigh NC.

Advertise the position

Start your search for a qualified bartender with advertising the job vacancy. Put a bartender job advert online, detailing a comprehensive job description that includes the duties and responsibilities of the ideal bartender. Also, include the required skills and qualifications for the job vacancy in the job description.

Go through the applications

Once suitable candidates have sent their applications, go through the applications and select suitable applicants. You can decide on the suitability of a candidate based on their skills and experience. For instance, you should give preference to applicants who have worked as bartenders before over applicants who haven’t worked as bartenders before.

Interview suitable candidates

Once you have listed a couple of suitable candidates for the bartender job at hand, it is time to interview them one at a time. Interviews offer a chance for you to ask the candidates detailed questions that will help you understand each candidate’s accomplishments, qualifications, and aspirations. For your interview questions, ask the candidates whether they have experience in preparing cocktails and serving clients for extended periods of the day or night.

Test their skills

Upon interviewing suitable candidates, select like 3 candidates whom you will subject to real work to assess their skills. Monitor how they are serving and communicating with clients. Observe their body language and how fast they are performing their tasks.

Choose the best candidate

Having observed all the candidates, you now ultimately know who among them is best poised to become your bartender. Make plans on hiring the best candidate and finalize issues touching on their remuneration and working hours with them. If they accept the job offer, employ them officially as your bartender.


Hiring a qualified bartender in Raleigh NC isn’t rocket science. By following the right hiring process, you can get the most qualified bartender easy and fast. Hopefully, the above tips will come in handy.

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