4 Ways To Back Up Your Google Apps, Files, And Folders

Common sense will tell you that it’s wise to back up your important documents and applications. Though many ignore this idea, they come to regret when they accidentally delete their documents and other vital information or when their devices are corrupted. On Google data apps, accidents do happen and even your most efficient devices may lose your vital data. Google online backups are made to give you an insurance against human and technical errors. The backups will store and secure your vital apps, files, and folders online. Here are the different ways that you can backup your Google data online.

1. Install Outlook on Your Computer

You can install Outlook on your device, Mac or PC, to store and protect important files. The application is effective in backing up files for email messages, important events, and contacts. After installing the application on your device, you are required to sync it with your data files and click on save. After exporting and saving all your files in Outlook, they are ready for retrieval.

2. Use Google Takeout for Apps

Google has many it easy for you to protect your important apps. Google Takeout allows you to archive important applications such as Google Photos, Google Docs, and other apps. You have the option of exporting all the data in the apps or just a fraction of them. The approach is safe and effective.

3. Download and Install Dropbox

The best way to backup files and apps on Dropbox is by downloading and installing the real app on your device. Even if the device is corrupted, you can still sign in to your Dropbox account and access the vital data.

4. Use a Backup Software/Service

Backup software programs are designed to help you store everything on Google. This means that you can retrieve the data any time and from anywhere provided that you access an internet-enabled device. The easiest way to do it is using cloud software such as StorageCraft. To back up your files on StorageCraft, you are required to purchase the software, download it, sync it to your files, export the data, and save. Check their website or contact an authorized reseller to get an overview of Storagecraft pricing information.


With your data spread across a number of web apps, it is quite daunting to keep up everything in one place, and losing some of your data or important information at some point in life is inevitable. The Google online backups are meant to offer you extra storage and protection for your important information or data. They offer more effective solutions than your computer’s local backup which is prone to data corruption.

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