4 Awesome Scuba Diving Sites

Recently, scuba diving has become a popular and exciting activity for many people since man discovered underwater living things. Scuba diving is going deep underwater with scuba as a breathing apparatus. Millions of people worldwide go for scuba diving for adventure or romantic getaways, which is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. While on holiday, here are the best scuba diving sites worth spending your dollar, read on.

The blue hole

It is one of the global famous scuba diving sites with spectacular features. Found in Belize, and it a massive sinkhole popularized by Jacques Cousteau. He was a renowned explorer who declared it as one of the best places to go for such adventures. The marine sinkhole is about is around 300m, 125 m in diameter, and depth, respectively. The beautiful scenery has crystal clear waters making it easier to watch the reef sharks, hammerheads, and blue sharks; you should try this one out.

Barracuda point

It’s the best diving point in the Sipadan islands. You can watch thousands of barracuda swim underwater, making it a dream spot for many. The barracuda is suitable for underwater photography with various pelagic and reef sharks patrolling the area. The barracudas form a tornado in the sunset, which makes it even more beautiful. The site has a depth of 22 m deep with the wall protecting it from strong currents. After diving, you can drift to the shallow ends where there’s a coral garden.

Savusavu, Fiji

Fiji has an underwater world composed of soft coral. It’s a convenient place for scuba diving right from the nudibranch sightings to feature stars plus the blue starfish that displays amazing scenery of corals. It’s something you cannot miss; you will be in awe of the reefs. The place also has the legendary octogenarian Jean Cousteau resort t to settle after a day o diving. You will love the experience and of this magnificent place.


It has several fantastic scuba diving sites that will capture your attention; Ko Tao, Phuket’s, Similan Islands, and the Surin Islands. You can go scuba diving in one of these places, and you will have a blast. The best diving place is near Ko Tao and the Similans. Aside from presenting a beautiful diving site, it’s a cheap place to try diving skills, especially for newbies. The island has a plethora of dive shops for both experts and beginners; you will find something that will suit you. Photographers also find the place a catch for incredible photos, travel there, and explore.


These Scuba diving sites offer exceptional experiences and sights in the world. As a beginner or expert, dive destinations are something to try out and explore. If you want to see beautiful creatures of the world, these places offer chances to go on baited dives for safety purposes. The weather and the people around the islands and beaches are gorgeous and welcoming. Visit the sites today and enjoy to the fullest.

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