3 Tips To Achieve The Perfect Colour Eye Contact

The colour of your eye contact lenses can make a big difference to the colour that you see. With so many colour options and brands, it’s challenging to know which colour is best for you. It’s essential to find the colour that matches your natural iris colour as closely as possible. However, even then, there are still some other factors involved in achieving the perfect colour eye contact look. In this article, we will explore 3 tips on how to achieve the ideal colour eye contact!

1) Choose colour that matches your natural iris colour

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to choose the closest colour match possible. You may think you want green eye contact when your eyes are more blue or brown, which can affect how well they blend in with your eye colour. It is not advisable to try bright colours like purple or red because they do not naturally occur in the human iris.

For a more natural look, consider choosing brown contacts as they are very similar to your eye colour, and it’s easier for them to blend into your eyes compared with other colours.

When you’re trying on these contact lenses, remember: darker colours will make light eyes stand out more, and lighter colour will make darker eyes clearer.

2) These contacts are usually recommended to wear for up to eight hours

If you want colour eye contacts that look natural and won’t irritate your eyes, then there is no need to leave them in overnight. For these contacts that don’t dry out quickly, it’s best not to wear them during exercise.

For eye contacts that look natural and fit into your routine, choose blue contact lenses as they are the most common color in human eyes. Brown color contacts blend well with green, hazel, or grey eyes because brown is a close match to all of these colours.

3) These contacts are not recommended for daily use

Colour eye contact lenses should only be worn on special occasions, never more than a few times per month, because these contacts are made of acrylic. They may dry out your eyes and cause discomfort or irritation if you wear them too often. You can avoid this by wearing these contacts occasionally rather than daily. If these contacts feel dry, you can use clear colourless lenses in your colour lens case to rewet them.

In conclusion, colour contacts are perfect for special occasions but should not be worn daily.

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