3 Reasons Why Walmart Cakes Are So Popular

No celebration is truly complete without a delicious cake. Everyone relishes tasting a small piece of heaven on their plate. When you are shopping for a cake that is just right for the occasion and your preferences, consider Walmart cakes. Walmart offers cakes in several sizes and shapes, and you can customize your cake to ensure that it is a crowdpleaser.

Cakes for All Celebrations

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or a baby shower, Walmart cakes are perfect for all occasions and celebrations. You can opt for a sheet cake or a tiered cake, a block cake or a cupcake cake.
It is important that you have some basic details before you are ready to order a cake. The number of guests you expect is the first of these details. You want to neither run out of cake, nor do you want to waste it. A two tiered Walmart cake is ideal to serve 64 guests, whereas a half sheet cake will serve 24. For a smaller, intimate gathering you could consider ordering a small round cake or a cupcake cake.

For a birthday cake for a child, you can order a theme cake based on a character or sport the child enjoys. The brand also specializes in graduation, wedding and baby shower cakes, and goes the extra mile to ensure that the cake is the highlight of each celebration.

Customized Walmart Cakes

Walmart encourages customers to choose cake favor, filling and icing colors that suit the celebration. When it comes to the icing on the cake, you can choose from a wide range of hues including white, light pink, teal, purple, black, red and royal blue. One can also request for whipped non dairy icing.
Tiered cakes can be ordered in two flavors, white and chocolate. Sheet cakes are available in several flavors such as yellow, marble, white, chocolate, rainbow blast and Tres Leches. The brand offers you several fillings to select from. These include buttercream and chocolate buttercream. If you prefer a non dairy filling, you can opt for whipped, strawberry whipped or Hershey chocolate whipped. Some premium filling options include Bavarian cream, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and caramel.

Easy to Order

Ordering Walmart cakes is as easy as choosing a cake that suits your preferences and then customizing it to meet them. At every step of the process guidelines are offered to help you make a suitable choice. For instance, the size of the cake offers details of how many it will serve. Once you have chosen the cake flavor and filling, you will need to choose the icing color. You can add top and bottom borders, as well as decorations and a message. In addition, you can add a brief note for the bakery. It is a good idea to order your cake at least 24 hours in advance, and for larger cakes do place your order a few days ahead of the event.

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