3 Excellent Reasons To Use Glass Water Bottles

The connection between the body and the mind is a delicate and crucial one. Depending on how well or badly you treat your body will affect your health, and also your mood and attitude. When people are dehydrated, they tend to suffer from headaches. They also feel sleepy and tired most of the time.

Chemical Free Water

The human body is primarily made up of water (60%). The water in your system is essential as it performs many significant functions including maintaining inner temperature and offering insulation to vital organs. When you drink water from a plastic bottle, it is probably contaminated with some amount of chemicals that leak into the liquid. Even the best quality plastic is made from chemicals, usually polyethylene terephthalate or PET which is sourced from fossil fuels such as petroleum. In contrast, water drunk glass water bottles, even if it has been stored for days, tastes fresh and clean.

Think Green

Oil is used to manufacture plastic water bottles. In fact every year millions of barrels of oil are used for this purpose. They could have instead been used to power vehicles. Ironically, to create a one litre plastic water bottle, three litres of water is used. And more often than not, this plastic water bottle ends up in a land dump, where it will lie for hundreds of years.
Furthermore, the manufacture of PET water bottles results in the emission of millions of tons of carbon dioxide. Quite clearly, the convenience of drinking water from plastic bottles is too expensive for the environment and human life. Glass is made from natural materials such as sand and limestone. It undergoes very high temperatures to ensure that it is of high quality. Glass water bottles are biodegradable and recyclable.

Economical and Ecologically Sound

When you fill a glass bottle for your home, or to carry with you to work, you make a significant contribution of the environment. You also save on a lot of money. It may be a few dollars a week, but when you calculate your yearly savings, the idea seems more attractive.

Another good reason to skip bottled water is the fact that you really do not know where the water was sourced from. Research indicates that 45% of all the bottled water available in the market came from the tap. Instead you can fill safe and clean water in your home and enjoy it without worrying about PET contaminants or of the cost to the environment. Shopping online for glass water bottles will reveal a rather wide selection for you to choose from.

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