24 Hour Car Battery Service

Battery is important part of a modern car. If you experienced issues call a Singapore 24 Hour Car Battery Service right away.

With professional products and tools, it is not necessary to use sponges or gloves that, on the contrary, are not recommended (they can create friction). A clean and lubricated base is obtained, free of residues that could cause damage during washing known as swirls.

Although the foam lance is not available, there are devices on the market that perform the same function with a hand pump at prices, all in all, affordable (from € 15 to € 50). It is an expense that we advise you to evaluate. Not all detergents can be used with this technique, so check the characteristics of the product before purchase.

Let the foam work for the time indicated by the manufacturer, usually for a few minutes, and rinse the car thoroughly. The differences between the solutions adopted by professionals and those for do-it-yourself, are mainly related to the equipment available, but the goal is always the same: do a good job.

You use a neutral PH shampoo, fluid, strongly foaming and resistant to calcareous water (exclusively for professional use). The product is applied with a lance that nebulizes it and should be left to act for a few minutes on the surface before proceeding. If the battery is problematic, opt for Singapore 24 Hour Car Battery Service.

The shampoo is removed by hand. For the upper part of the body we use a long-haired merinos wool glove. For sills and bumpers, usually more dirty parts, we use a microfiber sponge that allows you to create more foam and has more power absorption. For the rims we do not use brushes, but a special conforming microfiber sponge capable of reaching all the interstices.

At the end of the manual removal, the vehicle is further rinsed with the pressure washer and dried by hand with a long-haired microfibre cloth. For parts that are difficult to access, a jet of compressed air or a portable hot air generator is used.

Choose a neutral detergent with lubricant: reduces glove and sponge friction and makes manual removal easier. Between glove and sponge what matters is the material: either microfibre or merino wool (definitely more expensive). For the upper and lower part better to use two different ones.

Proceed a section once, starting from the top and descending gradually downwards, always soaping and rinsing. For rinsing the two pails technique is used: one filled with water and the other in which the detergent and sponges or gloves will be diluted. Always rinse the glove or sponge in waterafter having passed it on the vehicle and before immersing it in the bucket with water and shampoo.

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